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Grover Norquist is a man who had an idea when he was 12 years old.

“Taxes are bad.” This is what he, himself, says. He was 12 years old when he came to the radical conclusion that became his life’s work.

Only a fool would think that a 12 year old is competent to run an economy. A man who hasn’t learned anything since he was 12 is no better. Only a fool would consider him someone worth listening to. Not only is Grover such a fool, but half of Congress are the same.

Grover has famously said that “Government should be so small that it could be drowned in a bathtub.” I don’t know when that idea entered Grover’s head. Perhaps he was 13.

I have lived and worked in places where governments were at the point of drowning in a bathtub. It isn’t pretty. I was in a city in 1997, post breakup of the USSR, that had been approximately 800,000 people 7 years before. A homicide detective on the police force (which had to support itself with bribes) told me that in the previous 5 years, their best estimate was that half the men over 20 had died from homicide, suicide and starvation. Their best estimate was that 30% of the remaining adult population had active syphilis. Police were paid through bribes, not paychecks. There was no fire department. Virtually every door had a heavy steel secondary door installed to keep out robbers. Men rapelled into windows at night and murdered everyone. That is what government drowning in a bathtub is like.

Only a monstrous fool would believe that government should be drownable in a bathtub. Grover is that kind of monster. So are the people who believe him.

Those ideas about government come from Ayn Rand’s books like “The Fountainhead” and the rest of her works. Ayn Rand’s books have as much to do with economics or business as pornography does with marriage. Bluntly put, Ayn Rand was barking. She was a mentally ill. Her journals show that she liked a psychopath who murdered a 12 year old girl for his own entertainment.

Ayn Rand’s journals show that she used this murderous psychopath as the model for her ideal “real” man. Think about that when you feel yourself responding to what is between the covers of her books. Think about it long and hard.

Beyond that, Ayn Rand’s ideas about business and how things occur are ridiculous. Nobody makes it alone like that. Not Bill Gates, not Mark Zuckerberg, not Steve jobs. And even Ayn Rand didn’t make it the way her books portray the world working. There are people with vision, yes. But things happen in the context of society and relationships. And social capital, the ability to have trust between people is fundamental to business.

No trust? No economy worth mentioning. Visit Zimbabwe.

So what is the real story about taxes?  The real story is that the neo-classical economic model that the USA has followed since the 1940’s requires massive income redistribution. Actually, I the term used in the model was “perfect” income redistribution.

The USA’s economy and most of the world’s economies today are built using this neo-classical economic model. That means, if we expect that model to continue to work for us, we have to levy the kinds of taxes that were in place when the USA adopted neo-classical economics!

When we adopted neo-classical economics, the top marginal tax rate was 90%+. Today, we have one of the lowest top rates in the world, with the most loopholes on top of the original low rate. And our total tax to GDP ratio is the lowest in the developed world. We, the USA, are now below Turkey’s tax rate!  We violated the rules of the economic model we are using.

That is why Grover is an idiot. He never bothered to get educated after he was 12. He is so stupid he thinks education after the age of 12 is a waste of his time.

The bigger fools are the spineless individuals who don’t kick Grover out of their offices when he comes calling.

But by far the biggest idiots are the craven men who cynically fund Grover in order to feather their own nest even more. The reason they are idiots is that history tells us how this ends for them and their children. Quite often it isn’t pretty. See what happened to Louis and Marie Antoinette. Hubris springs eternal though. The stupidity of the primitive regions of the primate mind knows no bounds.

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