Climate scientists have been attacked for decades now. Weather science is immersed in chaos theory. Chaos theory means that while in aggregate you can predict the limits of something, you can’t predict exactly what it will do at any moment. That means that you can never have a Newtonian mechanical linkage of the weather.

Scientists are not well known for their backbones. Having a strong backbone is a good way to be eliminated from a university. Tenure committees frown on it, because anybody with a backbone doesn’t suck up to the toadies who run science departments. And if they don’t have a toady running the department, they have a taxidermy-job in the administration building that has huge influence on their budget. All administrators are spineless, except when it comes to pursuing salary increases for themselves.

Ergo – climate scientists won’t say anymore straight up what is obvious. It’s sad really, because if you compare predictions that are 40 years old to the historical record they have been pretty darn accurate.

How to think about this is really straightforward. Count the average temperature, number and intensity of weather events. Do they go up? There you are. That’s it.

But they go up like the stock market goes up. They bounce around a lot in the short term. (That’s what those error bars are showing.  But the density of events has grown tighter and the temperature has gone up. The system has more energy in it.

Think about it this way. A 1.3 degree average rise over the entire globe represents how much energy? Think about how you would calculate that. One average hurricane releases the energy of a 1 megaton nuclear warhead every 2 minutes. These storms go for 5 days or more. One average storm has the energy of 3600 megatons of TNT. The largest nuclear bomb ever made was 50 megatons. The largest nuclear bomb the USA ever made was the B53 at 9 megatons. The USA’s entire nuclear arsenal in 2007 is a little over half that, just 1,986 megatons.

So of course global warming is real. Of course this storm was related. But the way that the ravening pack of undead morons have screeched at climate scientists has made them very reluctant to try to explain how weather can’t be predicted with certainty in any local area, but only collectively over time.

You can think of it as like a pot with heat under it. Raise the temp one degree and there will be more bubbles rising from the bottom. Can you ascribe the appearance of one specific bubble to the rise in temperature? Not exactly, because you would have had bubbles rising anyway. But you can in a broad sense, because you can, over a period of time, count more of them.

More tornadoes. More droughts. More hurricanes. And the severity rises when taken in aggregate.

We (the human race) won’t do anything to stop it worth mentioning.  But individuals can help themselves. They can move to higher ground. People can build stronger houses, or at least houses that have shelters from severe storms. People can push politicians to build major water projects so that agricultural land can continue to be cultivated. People can move to nations less likely to go to war when food shortages and refugees happen. Or at least, people can try to be in countries likely to win at war over food and land.