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In this post-election high, the liberal world is still granting Obama special status because he’s black. It’s reverse racism, the inverse of the outrageous racism that Obama faces in Congress. Yes, yes, I know, everyone says it isn’t that, it’s about his record and the issues. I say baloney.

But liberals have been giving Obama a free pass on just about everything that really, really matters. Remember the global banking crash caused by those criminals on Wall Street? Well, Obama runs the executive branch. And Obama’s administration hasn’t brought a single banker to justice, just a brown guy who ran a hedge fund.  Obama has protected them with a dirty deal that bribed the states to shut down the attorneys general who could have taken them down. Obama’s appointees blocked Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from giving homeowners a break as directed by Congress – because the appointees wanted to make more money in bonuses for themselves. Obama knew it and did nothing. This is beyond an outrage, it is malfeasance in office.

Obama has signaled that he will gut social security. Obama’s administration is the one that pursued Julian Assange with dirty tricks, pressuring sock puppets in the Swedish government to get Assange into Sweden so he can be brought to the USA to face charges that should never have started in the first place. Obama’s DOJ has gone after medical marijuana in California, turning marijuana back into a black-market drug.

I could go on.

So tell me again why anybody should listen to this guy? Why does anyone think Obama is on “our side”? He’s not.

Time to hold his feet to the fire.