I and many others held off during the election because Romney was a man whose ambitions are like the sociopathic monstrosities Ayn Rand was inspired to by the child murdering Hickman. But that does not mean Barack Obama should have won. Neither man deserved to be president.

Emptywheel has it right about the the robo-signing document fraud. Lorraine Brown is a former executive of Lender Processing Services of Jacksonville, FL. The department of justice under Eric Holder has accepted a guilty plea, with an obscene twist.

 as it stands now banks and servicers are also “victims” of Lorraine Brown’s fraud. And that is nothing but pure, unadulterated bullshit, specifically manufactured in the plea process by the government to shield the financial industry at the expense of decimated citizen homeowners.

The pleas did NOT need to include that gratuitous financial industry exculpation, it was sheer treachery by the Obama Department of Justice on the citizens they are supposed to be representing.

This, everyone, is the real Obama, not the lie sold to you in rolling speeches.  Barack Obama claims that his failures are because he must compromise to get anywhere. That is proven to be total horseshit here. Nothing shows Obama’s true character better than what he does within the executive branch. The DOJ and State Department are the two areas where Barack Obama is completely in control. He doesn’t have to compromise with anybody.

There are two major cases where the executive branch has turned The USA into a banana republic.

  • The DOJ with its protection of the big criminals in banking. One law for the rich criminal. Another law for everyone else.
  • The State Department, with its dirty tricks against Julian Assange that are worthy of the KGB in its prime. I have my issues with Julian. But what has been done to him by Obama’s administration has crossed the line into banana republic evil.

There are other significant problems, from pretending that the Benghazi attacks were caused by that silly video (unleashing a witch hunt on its maker), to an immigration service that has been harder on aliens than any previous administration. About all you can say for Obama is, “He isn’t as bad as Romney.”

For the moment, this president who chooses the path of banana republic when HIS decision matters and it is entirely up to him is the best we have. But that does not mean we should accept it.  This matters.

Why does it matter? It matters because those bankers destabilized the world economy. There is no greater push toward war than a broken world economy. It matters because when we show that we will subvert governments in the Western, democratic world, we break the rule of law and democracy.

This matters. Oh, it matters very much.