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William Black, who prosecuted the S&L’s back in the 1980’s has finally come out and mentioned Barack Hussein Obama in his article: Obama and Cameron decide that banks are above the law. The president untouchable by liberals because he is black was just slightly grazed here.

This president, number 44 in the history of the United States, has delivered to us, the citizens of this country, a banana republic. I quote, “The great thing about Breuer’s provision of a road map to defense counsel on how to avoid prosecution of their corporate clients’ crimes is that it was available only to large corporations.

People, that is what a banana republic is. A banana republic has no law for the rich and powerful. A banana republic brings the full weight of the law down on ordinary citizens. And that is what Barack Hussein Obama has done.

He can try to blame it on Timothy Geithner, the man who protects everyone of his own class. Geithner is simply insane, and obviously so. In Timmy’s world, because the bank is large, the worst felons of finance the world has ever seen should stay in charge of them. (See the article.) Of course, we know what is really going on there. Timmy can’t let his buddies down. You see, he was involved in it himself. Trust me, if he let his buddies go to prison they would make sure he did as well.

But Barack Hussein Obama is the man who sits at the desk where the buck stops. It is he who sat down with those guys after summoning them to the White House when he first took office and assured them that they had nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, at this point, I think Mr. Obama is exactly what a lobbyist friend warned me about before he was elected. I was surprised that she refused to campaign for him as she is always active for candidates. She told me that he was just a Chicago machine pol, a political hack. She warned me that the outcome would not be good for the country. I didn’t believe her.

But now I do.