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Barack Obama, who campaigned on the platform of Hope and Change has been revealed once more to be a fake. I have written before about the facts regarding the 44th president protecting the rich and powerful so they can con the nation out of billions (trillions, really). See: A, B and C.

An article today about the EPA report that Obama’s administration put into a black hole shows that this president doesn’t give a damn about the health of the citizenry either. The EPA report that was supposed to be published in 2011 that lays out the evidence for chemicals causing damage (mostly to our children) sits at the OMB, an agency that has no authority to review it. Why?

That’s as obvious as Timmy Geithner’s lies about bankers. It’s there because the Obama administration has no backbone and wealthy donors in the chemical industry wanted to bury it.

But, you say, Obama probably didn’t even know. I know. I’ve had those conversations with starry-eyed Obama supporters. I know. “It was done by other people! It’s not his fault! He’s doing his best! Lay off the guy!” Just like in banking, Eric Holder and Timmy Geithner killed prosecution of incredible mountains of felonies by the big boys, some underling killed this EPA report. Obama is just a victim of his underlings. I know the refrain. I voted for him myself.

Horseshit. This president is responsible, period. It is his team that he appointed and he directed whether he knew what they did or not. I don’t believe that he didn’t know about it myself, but it doesn’t matter. One, maybe two people put in office who do the wrong thing? Ok. You screwed up and you have bad judgment.

But one is challenged to find anybody that Barack Obama has appointed who isn’t a sock puppet for moneyed interests. That tells you all you need to know.