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Senator Diane Feinstein (D-California) led the charge that passed extending GW Bush’s program of warrantless wiretapping. But Diane dearest had a special target – Oversight of the program.

That’s right. The so-called left wing of the senate doesn’t want anybody to even look at what they are doing there at NSA. And all without a public debate. Notice, that it took a newspaper in England to run criticism of Feinstein and Obama. Curious, that. Not really. The mass media in the USA are collected into one big basket of rubbish owned by just a few. And the internet with its blogs (like this one) get lost in the noise.

And President Obama said not a word. Obviously, the Great Black Hope, the constitutional scholar from Harvard doesn’t give a flying fuck about protecting privacy. He so much doesn’t give a flying fuck that he doesn’t want anybody so much as looking at it.

Again, Barack Obama is  a tool. He’s no crusader. I’m not even sure he is better than the Romney creature. He hasn’t even been inaugurated for his 2nd term and he’s already turning worse than he was in his first term. So much for the idea that he might show courage as a lame duck.