This is a diversion from econ topics, which is most of what I’m focused on. But I did some time tests today and my 2.53 Gigahertz CPU with 4 gigabytes of RAM takes 8.75 times longer to do basic stuff than my Nook! The Nook has 512 GB RAM and an 800 Megahertz CPU.

Yes, I ran the tests with Chrome on my laptop. I even plugged in the Ethernet cable to my laptop and took the Nook to the other end of the house were Wi-Fi signal is weakest. Same results.

Let’s do the math, shall we?

Windows 7 on a 2.53 GHz CPU / Nook-Android on an 800 MHz CPU = 3.1625 Windows 7 instructions executed per Android instruction executed.

Now let’s factor in Windows 7 35 seconds (to completely finish) / 4 seconds Android = 8.75

3.1625 Windows 7 instructions per Android * 8.75 Windows 7 seconds per Android second = 27.67 Windows 7 instructions per Android instruction. (Rough ratio)

In other words Steve Ballmer, you suck as CEO of Microsoft. Not only is the Windows operating system a hodgepodge of crap (Seriously dude, who the fuck got rid of “Search” in the file manager? Are you insane?) but the code is bloated beyond reason and sanity.

Why is Windows bloated pig-shit? We know. We know. It’s because the operating system is full of exploitable garbage that makes it a haven for viruses. WE KNOW! You are helping us! You are protecting us from those bad viruses. Those viruses that mostly only exist because you let Windows 7 be built as a pile of crap that  has hooks viruses can exploit.

Pull your head out of your ass Stevie-boy! Your company is going down. See that Android operating system? It is well established on the hardware price point below yours. It’s in phones. It’s in tablets. It’s better than yours in almost every respect except one. It doesn’t have all the software.

Android is eating your lunch you idiot. And all you can do is sit there making it all worse. Bloat that thing! Fuck up the UI with idiocy! Yeah! That’s your legacy.

You know what I want from a computer Steve? I want it to do things for me. That’s it. I want it to be easy to use, easy to understand. I don’t want it in my way. And I sure as fuck don’t want it to steal a month of my time every year while I wait for it to do the most simple things possible!

Computing has always been like that. Utility. That’s it. Period. Windows is a way to flush computing power down the toilet.