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If we are to believe it, the NSA and PRISM are tools of a neo-fascist state that abuses national security to obtain intelligence on environmental groups, with clear overtones of a future military strike force to put down internal rebellion. Come now Nafeez. Come now. Perhaps this makes good copy for the Guardian, but it’s bullcrap.

There is a grain of truth to the accusations and innuendo. Spying on anti-fracking activists to benefit the PR departments of the petroleum industry is felonious horseshit. That needs to stop. Those who ordered it need to be prosecuted or impeached. Those who requested it in return for political donations need to go to prison. Not that our nation, headed by its current doormat in chief, is likely to do that. The best that might be done is to make it stop. Yes, Virginia, probably even that isn’t possible. Probably, rubber-stamp official will continue to tie the rules into pretzels to please their elected masters. But even with that, it’s a tiny sliver.

And yes, we have a banana republic capture of the executive branch by the great criminals of Wall Street. (Yeah, that’s you Jamie Dimon, and that’s you Paulson.)

But planning for global warming natural disasters on an unprecedented scale? Talk to New Jersey about that. Planning for civil unrest after mass population dislocations? Anybody have a problem with that? If you do, I’ve got a padded cell for you at Bellevue. You don’t want millions of people on the move with no plan.

Planning for fast response to a mass casualty terrorist event? We know Al Qaeda has tried to get nuclear weapons. I am quite sure that was why the Taliban made a push on Pakistan’s capital in a bid to take over the country a couple of years back. They still want nuclear weapons. We also know Al Qaeda (and its buddies in the Taliban, and others in the broader Muslim Brotherhood) have spent money trying to get chemical and biological weapons. “The poor man’s atom bomb.”

Sooner or later – Al Qaeda will get them[1]. Sooner or later, between tens of thousands and millions of people in America will die from an attack. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s pretty close. It’s a close contest between our intelligence capabilities and their fanaticism. If we haven’t got a force trained to respond internally, we will only have an army trained to respond externally. Which do you want coming to the scene in America? I want a force that has been taught the differences – or that somebody at least tried to teach that to.

Environmental activist organizations haven’t all been innocent folks. Let’s list a few incidents:

So there is justification.

In other words, virtually everything that Nafeez talks about is totally legitimate. Unless you are into black helicopters coming for you, and you are missing your tinfoil hat, this article doesn’t make sense.

This Nafeez guy is, “executive director” which at least suggests he’s sort of intelligent. Now maybe Nafeez is just an opportunist, writing an article to rile the masses, riding the avalanche Snowden unleashed, trying to make a buck and further his career. Or – maybe Nafeez is one of those dumb-asses who writes well enough to move people and he actually believes this shit he has flopped together.

But I think that we should at least ask ourselves if Nafeez has a hidden agenda, should we not? A primary target of PRISM is muslim jihadists intent on killing Americans. This happens to be precisely the kind of article that a propagandist working for jihad would write. Find a sliver of truth, then pile on the innuendo. (But, in deference to a certain poster below, I’ll grant that perhaps Nafeez dearest is just a dumkopf. That may be Occam’s razor’s result. But I am really not at all sure. The latter question needs exploration.)


1. It is an open question in my mind whether, if chemical weapons were used in Syria on the rebels, that those chemical weapons were Al Qaeda weapons. The Muslim Brotherhood in general are very good at manipulating the world’s press. They routinely use their own people as human shields, and try to create martyrs to shock the world press. I rather suspect that it wasn’t Assad’s forces who used them in Syria.