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The Friedman has polemicized (polemitribed?) upon the Egyptian neo-secular revolution that followed religious fanatic devolution of the “Arab Spring“, crowned by the person of Morsi the madman. Ok, Morsi isn’t mad exactly, Morsi is an idiot of the fanatic variety – a moderate member of the Muslim Brotherhood[1]. That should give you pause. It should give Friedman pause. This power-grabbing incompetent president of Egypt (recently arrested) is one of their most moderate.

The Friedman delivered himself of facile drivel in his polemitribe:

Historians will surely ponder over why the Muslim Brotherhood behaved so foolishly. The short answer seems to be that character is destiny. It has always been a Leninist-like party, with a very strict hierarchy and a conspiratorial view of political life honed from long years in the underground. The very characteristics that enabled it to survive repeated hammerings and arrests for 80 years by Egypt’s military regimes worked against any spirit of inclusiveness once it was in power.

You would think, reading Friedman, that the Muslim Brotherhood was just some poor, wee, sleekit, cowering bunch of Quakers, arrested and suppressed because they refused to accept the priesthood – or something equally innocuous.

What would we do in the United states with a group that:

  1. Assassinated the Speaker of the House. (MB assassinated an Egyptian prime minister.)
  2. Attempted to kill the president. (MB tried to assassinate Nasser.)
  3. Attempted more assassinations after the president pardons them. (Nasser let the MB leaders out of prison, but had to imprison and execute them because they immediately went into assassinating again.)
  4. Assassinated a president. (MB was behind the killing of Anwar Sadat because Sadat made a peace treaty with Israel.)
  5. Continually make clear statements that violent revolution is the proper way to conduct themselves. (September 2010, Muhammad Badi’ gave a sermon in which he said, “… the improvement and change that the [Muslim] nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death, just as the enemies pursue life.”)

So Mr. Freidman, WTF? You bill yourself as a middle east expert. You tour there a lot. And yet you don’t know that the Muslim Brotherhood is the wellspring of Al-Qaeda and every other monstrous jihadist group that has seen the light of day in the middle east for almost a century?!

You know damn well what the USA would do with a group like that. We would crush them. We would NOT allow them to be part of elections! We would be out to kill them, imprison them for life.

For now, since the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA has only given aid, comfort and motivation to people like the Boston Bombers and Fort Hood Shooter, and the 9-11 hijackers, the presidents of this country have successively tried to make nice with the Muslim Brotherhood. The executive branch believes it is above it all, and wants to stay in denial (just like Thomas Friedman does) about what the Muslim Brotherhood really is and really does. As long as members of Congress and the President himself are not targeted, the puerile calculus of elitism prevents them from really giving a damn or facing the monster.

But mark my words. Sooner or later, the Muslim Brotherhood will cross that line. sooner or later, they won’t be able to help themselves, and they will kill a president, or a congressperson. Even killing of a congressperson won’t alarm the president overmuch – sadly enough.

Until they kill a president, take out a US city with a nuke or LNG tanker-bomb, or kill a large number of people with biological or chemical weapons, the Friedmans of the country will continue to prattle and leave people thinking that the Muslim brotherhood didn’t actually do anything that deserved imprisonment or shooting them.

1. I used the Jewish virtual library here because every other source (outside of scholarly books in university libraries) has been sanitized, presenting the Muslim Brotherhood as ‘just another group of religious guys.’