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Oh, to be 29 and stuck in Sheremetyevo!  With a dead man switch. If he’s caught or dies, then everything goes public.  The Greenwald has a point there, that in the realpolitik of this thing, it would make sense to see to it that he is ok.

 But let’s follow this thing to its logical outcome – here we have Snowden, stuck in Russia, because the USA revoked his passport. The USA tied Snowden up in a neat little parcel and delivered him, trussed like a Christmas pig, into the hands of the Russian bear. While it’s barely plausible that was done on purpose, I find that idea extremely unlikely. Stupidity is the overwhelming Occam’s razor choice. But regardless, the same conclusion is sticking out like a sore thumb.
It would serve Russian (and perhaps Chinese interests) well for Snowden to die so that all those secrets (that the Greenwald and Julian Assange are currently guarding for the USA) would be revealed. If there is no other way to get at them, then it would be in Russia’s interests to make it happen. It would serve Russian interests so well, that I have to wonder how it could be possible for Snowden to survive if he leaves that airport.
Whether it would serve Chinese interests depends on whether China has his files or not, and on whether they are able to decrypt them if they have them. Because if China has the files, and Russia doesn’t, then China’s interest is to preserve that information advantage.
It would be so easy for Snowden to come to a bad end, have it on video, and staged so it looked like USA did it. Perhaps a drone. There was that drone captured two years ago by Iran.
I doubt that Greenwald has thought through the dead man switch, and how it provides motive to end the man’s life. And I don’t think Snowden has either.
Poor child. He went out and sang and he had so little clue about how the world really works. He is getting some very harsh shocks. The harshest shock of all may be ahead of him. Let us hope that if his end is engineered, that he it’s not a long-drawn out and painful death for him.
So! How can Snowden stay alive and keep the worst of all possible scenarios from unfolding for the USA’s intelligence community?  Oh, the strange bedfellows politics makes.
What would tend to keep Snowden alive is if he gave China and Russia everything. Neither nation would be likely to publicize it. They are secret keeping sorts. I may be wrong, but I just don’t think it is in their makeup to want to let the general public know what they know. Secrets are how people rise in that part of the world. It’s just how they roll – even if it could really, really fuck with the USA to let it all go. I don’t think they could bring themselves to do it.
Were I Snowden, that’s what I would do now. It’s his shot at staying alive. Get one of his cohorts to supply all the stuff plus encryption keys to Russia and China.
Or, just give it all to Russia. But if Snowden does that, then Russia will have no choice but to put him in protective custody and not let him out, which is just a little better than spending the rest of his days staring at the wall in Leavenworth, hobnobbing with Manning and the rest of that crowd. He’d have girls in Russian protective custody.
Time to change the nature of that deadman switch Edward.