This Snowden thing. It’s like Donald Trump running for president. On the one hand, dear lord, can we just move on? It’s done already! On the other hand, OMG, it just keeps going – Donald Trump mated with the Energizer Bunny and out came Edward Snowden complete with decerebrated dwarves to chase him. So, I must, since failing to comment is tantamount to treason.

The capacity of this administration to make the worst possible moves possible in the Snowden case, one after another, and to never correct them, is just astonishing. Not only did they trap Snowden in the paws of the Russian Bear by taking his passport, giving Snowden NO OPTION but to seek asylum there, and giving the Russians an unassailable reason to separate Snowden from his luggage, search it, and hold him …


by sending a letter to Russia taking away two pillars of Snowden’s asylum application (execution and torture) they have handed the Russians a fantastic negotiation club to beat Snowden with!

Think about it.

Now the Russians can say, “Is too bad. We was going give visa. Now is not cause give you a visa. <shrug> Bad for you. Must to think, maybe come back next year? See you then? <shrug> But maybe … maybe we make deal. You give us everything – with encryption keys. Then? We give asylum. Is good for both of us, yes?”  If you think the boyz in the Kremlin aren’t pouring the vodka over this, I have news for you. They are toasting it, rolling on the floor laughing, unable to stand up or keep their hats on.

Julian Assange and the Greenwald should FedEx Holder, Napolitano and Obama cases of Chiclets for the rest of their lives on the anniversary.

Really. Really and truly. The incompetence is … astonishing!