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Whatever dude. A 100 year sentence is right if you ask me.

Manning set off the “Arab Spring” which wasn’t a spring at all. Yes, how soon they forget. It was some diplomatic cables that brought down the government in Tunisia – one of the more sensible, reasonable, and benign governments in the Middle-East North Africa region. Then Libya and Egypt blew up. And can’t forget Syria, complete with radical muslim child-rapist jihadists and cannibals. It was necessary says Abu Bakkar – to terrify the enemy. And raping women? That ain’t hardly worth mentioning. That’s breakfast in jihad-land.

Western media’s gushing horseshit from Tahrir Square is now revealed for what it was. Yeah, not everybody is happy the Muslim Brotherhood religious fascist wack-jobs are kicked out of office in Egypt, but most people are.

And Libya’s Ghaddafi was a rotten, dingbat, piece of shit despot. But he wasn’t Al Qaeda. He wasn’t Muslim Brotherhood. And now Libya is under control by those guys. Great job Bradley. I disagree with the judge – Benghazi is laid at your door you moron. Yes, it’s arguable that Benghazi happened because the CIA has been fucked up by turning it into a drone-war machine in competition with JSOC. And it is arguable that without JSOC and CIA competing with each other in overlapping missions that Benghazi would not have happened. But still – you set it off.

Dude – you are a fucking idiot. You had no idea what you were releasing. You still don’t know.