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Greenwald has published the text of the presentation on XKeyScore. I read it. I cannot find any justification for releasing that. In what universe does the world need to know exactly how we hunt terrorists on the internet?

Not this one.

Of what use is that to anybody else except terrorists – for the purpose of evading surveillance? Curiosity – that’s it. And of course, the tin-foil hat nuts with schizotypal disorder, who think people are following them. This is a brass band revelation for them.

I assumed we had at least that kind of ability, or, I hoped we did. I’ve overseen weblog analysis for large corporations. So this is mostly pretty straightforward and obvious if you think about it. I had some ideas for how to improve on that. But I digress.

You have future blood on your hands Snowden. You’re head is so far up your ass you are your own puppet. And reading that disclosure, I have to ask, what is really your motivation here? Are you really so fucking delusional that you think you are doing something good? You actually think you are a fucking whistleblower?!

Or is there a deeper game happening here?

That question needs to be asked. Why should we be credulous fan-boys, just believing you because you say so?