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The Greenwald has spoken sooth about this extradition tantrum.  The USA has no extradition treaty with Russia, and our president has refused to meet with Putin because he gave Snowden asylum.

And yet, the USA has not honored extradition treaties we have with other nations when it suits us. (Well, more accurately – we back our own to prevent rebellion at CIA, and aside from that, if the bastard bribes the right pols we protect his criminal ass.) We didn’t extradite Robert Lady to Italy for kidnap; didn’t extradite Sanches de Lozada to Bolivia for genocide; didn’t extradite Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela for bombing a jetliner that killed 73 people.

So fine – I discussed Robert Lady’s case and I think the reason for protecting him is reasonable and in the national interest. But the other two? Not. I think the Lozada case is bullcrap – corrupt. Luis Carriles? No excuse for that. More corrupt horseshit.

So yeah. It’s hypocritical. But between nations, who can really give a damn about that. Nations are sociopathic gangsters in their relations. So, the real issue is idiocy. It’s idiotic because nations do what is good for them, and it is absolutely obvious that giving asylum to Snowden is in Russia’s interest. Vladimir has no choice, no matter what he thinks of Snowden personally. He has to give asylum.

Holy horseshit Mr. President. Who the hell advised you to do that?