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I like quite a bit of what Hedges writes – like when he goes all dudgeon dude over the prison-industrial-complex. But this horseshit about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?! Oh, the poor of Egypt! Oh, how they suffer! They only come under the spell of the Muslim Brotherhood because they are poor! Woe is they! Sympathy, sympathy, sympathy! Bad, bad Egyptian government!

What fucking planet are you on Chris?! Those Muslim Brotherhood boys are torching churches and orphanages. The Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of assassination in Egypt, from Anwar Sadat to lower level officials. It was founded to take over the fucking world. By force!

Why did Egypt move to get rid of Morsi? Because he was consolidating absolute power after being democratically elected, and had thugs drawn from the ranks of the poor running the streets.

Chris, you self-satirizing dingbat, who was the last guy to do that? I’ll give you a hint, he started WWII and committed the holocaust. Know what? That rat-bastard who started WWII had the same goddam agenda as the Muslim Brotherhood – taking over the world by force to impose a nasty-ass ratshit ideology on everybody, and murder or enslave anybody that gets in Allah’s way. (With special hatred for Jews, just like Mohammed had.) Lenin called people like you, “useful idiots”[1].

Know what else Chris? The Muslim Brotherhood allied with that same rat-bastard who started WWII. In fact, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood wrote fan letters to Adolf Hitler and Muslim Brotherhood troops fought for the Third Reich.

Tim Minchin nails what you have done with your brain Chris. Dude. Find a staple gun so you can keep your brain in your head. Like this guy did:

How to keep your brain in.

How to keep your brain from falling out.

1. Yes, I am aware that historians have not found that phrase in Lenin’s writings. The phrase was never supposed to be in Lenin’s writings. It was reported as something he said, once. Lenin is reported to have said it after the revolution to describe certain authors in the West who were helping the Bolsheviks keep power.