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Snowden Not Ever Really Gonna Get Apprehended By Idiots (SNERGGABI). (Unless he turns himself in.)

Lo, and it came to pass, in the Land of Post-Roman-Celts robbed by evolution by mass emigration elsewhere of those who want to get up and do something, that some few got up and did something. Useless, it was, ponderous, dimwitted and doltish, but – something. Indeed. They detained Mr. Miranda [1] took his computer and everything else, and pulverized computers in the basement of the Guardian.

Alas and alack, but those descended from those who up and moved elsewhere from the land of the Post-Roman-Celts, looked upon this with favor, despite what should be hybrid vigor in their bloodlines.

What fucking idiot thought that was a good idea? Don’t tell me! It emerged from the same passel of dolts who thought that stranding Snowden in Russia by deactivating his passport was excellent. But I digress. And because said dolts are still at large, I feel obligated to explain why ’twas doltish.

Let’s start with outcome. It is commonly believed that when a person does something, they should think about what the outcome of their actions are likely to be. This is what we teach children. So what is the likely outcome of detaining Mr. Miranda?  How about publicity. That’s a good guess. And what kind of publicity might it be? Good or bad? That’s right, bad.

The idea was, in part, to intercept any data going from Poitras to Greenwald. so fine. But, let’s put ourselves in the paranoid shoes of Greenwald, Poitras and Snowden. Now, would you put all your eggs in the Miranda basket? I didn’t think so. No. You would give it to him, but assume that he would probably get intercepted.

So unless you can surreptitiously get to Miranda’s stuff and re-encrypt it so Greenwald can’t get at it, there is no purpose to it. Is there? See, the former would fuck with Greenwald’s head, make him more paranoid and push him toward uselessness. But doing it the ham-handed way will only be expected, play into Greenwald’s hands in the PR war, and make him less paranoid – because they did exactly what he expected. And unless you track perfectly every single duplicate route of data transmission, there’s no point, is there? Of course, you could propose that Greenwald and Poitras are just as dimwitted, fumble-fingered and Vogon-like as those pursuing them. You could propose that …

Next, who the fuck thought it was brilliant to pulverize the computers in the basement of the Guardian? Someone actually thought the Guardian has only one copy of all that stuff? Are you fucking kidding me? Snowden made it clear months ago that he had multiple copies distributed around the fucking world. So there’s no purpose to it. Is there?

It’s really bothering me how stupid the people are running things here in the good old USA. The handling of Snowden is – beyond belief. But this is the nation that doesn’t believe in evolution. So, perhaps we deserve Snowden.

Perhaps Edward Fingerhands is demonstrating the truth of his contention that we can’t be trusted to play with matches.

1. The irony of a man named Miranda being detained (almost certainly at the request of the USA) in violation of his rights is … delicious. Don’t you think? I mean really!