If the president and his staff started smoking crack it would be an improvement. Yesterday I hit on the stupidity of detaining Miranda. Today Greenwald is heaving heavily on the same topic – and I agree with him.

Let’s go get Miranda!

…since the Guardian has multiple people around the world with copies, they achieved nothing but making themselves look incompetently oppressive.     But conveying a thuggish message of intimidation is exactly what the UK and their superiors in the US national security state are attempting to accomplish…

Greenwald is correct. It’s idiotic, dimwitted, stupid, moronic, short-sighted, cretinous thuggery. It is thuggery of the mildest tea-room variety, but still thuggery. It is the kind of thuggery that is so obviously stupid, so blindingly ineffectual, that it generates contempt rather than fear. Fear would be generated by assassins and death squads – but since we don’t do that (those are figments of Snowden’s imagination) it generates stronger resistance of a public variety. (So do death squads generate resistance, but the resistance is less public, and generally more effective in the long run. But I digress.) 

Such thuggery reveals, directly, that they don’t know where the rest of the file copies are located, because if they knew, they would seize them all simultaneously.

It is idiotic because: What will be the response to it?  That’s right – more copies – distributed across the world! What could be more obvious?!

How’s the PR war going fellas?

Detaining Miranda? You imbeciles! Did you honestly think that Greenwald didn’t expect and even hope for such a detention?! Did nobody think through the PR war here? Seriously? 
And to think that the people running the USA (and the UK) are the source of such moronic, mind-bending, milquetoast idiocy. I’ll say it again – this incompetent bullshit is what makes me think that maybe the USA’s government isn’t fit to handle wet matches, let alone the NSA’s PRISM system. Yes, I am all too aware of exactly how important it is to have such intelligence in today’s world. But maybe we just have to live with a city or two blown up or decimated by nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. 

The problem with that, however, is that the citizens of the USA will howl and send their milquetoast ass-kissing politicians into a crackdown frenzy. In such horseshit do nations drown.

Stupid forever!