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The USA has “incontrovertible proof” of an attack, with a timeline established by intelligence. But not quite yet! I’ll maybe tell you Thursday. But don’t worry your pretty little head about that! The USA is going to war, to fight for the rights of trans-national rapist cannibals on jihad to overthrow governments! Hurrah! Truth, justice and the American way!

Give me a fucking break. Are you telling me it takes 5 days to write up the facts here? We’ve been hearing this crap for days now. Looks to me more like the boys and girls at CIA are struggling with their consciences. Or maybe CIA even refused to contribute to that report and the administration is dragging the bottom of every government agency for lying assholes who don’t give a fuck. It’s kinda lookin’ more like that scenario to me fellow motherfuckers. The USA is looking for a few swinish men (and women) to kiss the ass of K Street.

For this proof-challenged administration, I doubt it’s going to be anything like proof. But hey! We have the support of the Arab League! Like that adds credibility. Better termed the Sunni league, the Arab League used to have two nations not dominated by Sunnis, Libya and Syria. Now it has none. 

But wait! The Arab League doesn’t want military action on Syria! Oops. (Shut up, shut up, shut up! Nothing to see there! Move along.)  Oh, well! It will be safe to ignore such details. In America’s Twitter-dominated world that is challenged to put two sentences together, most people never read past the headlines.

One question that is unlikely to be addressed in the intelligence report is why Assad would launch such a massive chemical strike in the face of a near-certain international response.

No shit. Why Assad would launch a chem strike won’t be addressed because it makes no sense. It makes even less sense when the rebels have been losing for a while. Of course, the rebels keep bringing in new weapons and getting new jihadist fighters, while the government doesn’t. They are trans-national!  What nation is supplying most of the money? Oh right! Saudi Arabia! The same fucking nation that has backed the Taliban while we fought in Afghanistan. (And sucked our fucking thumb the whole time. Fuck us.)

Know what else won’t be addressed by the intelligence report? Why the fuck we should give a damn about the trans-national terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood who have religious cover for rape and cannibalism against Syria’s Alawites and Christians. Oh, yeah. They really are raping and eating human flesh. No fucking question at all about that! The rape and cannibalism really does have incontrovertible proof. Nobody gives a flying fuck in the ass about that.

Yes, an attack occurred. For sure. But who made it? In a nation where a civil war has raged for 2 years you try to tell me the Assad regime has kept control of all its weapons? Fuck you for a moron. And fuck me if I believe your horseshit. Maybe they did – maybe. I’ll grant that anything’s possible. But proof? Give me a fucking break. You ain’t got proof boys.

And of course, something that will never, ever be in the intelligence report is: Who is gonna make money here? And: Who is paying the lobbyists swarming the hill beating the drums for war?  Our dear departed of the 4th Estate (the press) should be all over that one like flies on shit. But they ain’t. Nobody ever touches the K Street boyz. (Except Moyers, and the rare journalist – who has to publish a book to get his story out!) Fucking hell. Now why is that? Could it be that our press is muzzled by its owners?  

Whichever way you slice this one, it comes up, HOLY FUCK! NO! This is not good for the this nation.