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There is a whole lot of horseshit stew served up about Kosovo. It’s America’s “good war” that we can use as a model for Syria. Even the fairly decent pundits like Stratfor are saying Kosovo was surgical, and without larger consequences. Unfortunately, the internet lost a lot of what went on then. For those of you in your early 20’s, the time when the internet was just starting, when things got lost, is unimaginable. Some of this you will have to take my word. I was in the thick of things then. But let’s get on it.

Kosovo? Scooby knows! C’mon!

Kosovo Myth #1 – Slobodan Milosevic started the Kosovo war by oppressing ethnic Albanians. Wrong. Milosevic’s actions in Kosovo were a response to a long-term campaign by the KLA to ethnically cleanse Kosovo of Serbs. In fact, Milosevic’s election was in no small part due to the KLA killing Serbs. (Imagine if the Nortenos and Surenos got together and tried to ethnically cleanse San Diego of Caucasians.) There are news reports (see NPR, and IIRC National Geographic) of that conflict predating the Kosovo war by years, complete with hours of shelling of Serb villagers by KLA forces. The KLA had established ethnically cleansed regions of Kosovo before Milosevic launched his campaign. The ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo is now virtually accomplished.

Kosovo Myth #2 – The KLA were just some guys who got together to fight back against Slobodan Milosevic. Horseshit. The KLA was commanded by a top lieutenant of Osama bin Laden, and Al Qaeda supported the KLA financially. 

Kosovo Myth #3 – The Kosovo war accomplished its goals by air power without wider consequences. Nothing could be more hallucinatory. The neo-hardliners running Russia got Putin elected using coverage of the bombing of Serbia. Primakov went to Milosevic before the war started, saying he would try to talk him out of it. Milo had backed down 5 times prior. But this time he didn’t. To the Western press Primakov said, “I couldn’t talk sense into him.” When Primakov got off the plane in Moscow he said that he would reconstitute the Eastern Bloc Alliance to protect Russia, and that Milosevic was the first signatory. You figure that one out. Our idiot press corps can’t.

Russians reacted to our bombing of Belgrade the way we would react to Russia bombing London if Russia took exception to British Army actions in Northern Ireland. The Moscow chapter of Physicians Against Nuclear War signed a petition urging reinstatement of the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction. Nuclear disarmament ground to a halt.  A coup in Russia was barely averted during the Kosovo war. (I was privy to an insider’s view from within the Russian Militsiya.FSB at the time. The were choosing up sides in the coming civil war.)

The Kosovo war strained the NATO alliance to the breaking point, using NATO for something it was never intended for. Examination of news reports of the time shows that, and those who paid attention back then should remember it. Italy was in turmoil. Former Eastern bloc nations were having serious issues.

Surgical? No wider consequences? My ass.

Myth # 4 – Milosevic committed genocide in Kosovo. After all, that was the justification for the war. Gen. Wesley Clark delivered that one. No genocide occurred. Mass deportation did happen of 400,000 people. About 1500 Albanians died, which is … But in Afghanistan 10,000 – 12,000 civilians have been killed by American troops, with around 1500 civilians killed in the first few months. (Yes, I am aware that the 1948 UN resolution defines genocide in such terms that, technically, genocide can be declared on the basis of one killing, which is ridiculous horseshit. By that definition, the USA commits genocide against Mexicans by shooting some and deporting others.)

Hallelujah brethren! Fuck us all! But the myth of Kosovo shall provide cover for K Street to push us into war! Amen brothers and sisters! 

Yeah, I know. The prostrate generation is upon us, and OWS was such a shuck it went down with scarcely a whimper. Deservedly so, as I happen to know that it’s secret leadership only wanted to rouse the rabble, hopeful for revolution, that would, (imagine this) put their asses in power.

The KLA in Kosovo were exactly the same trans-national jihadist motherfuckers backed by Muslim Brotherhood money and fatwas that we are seeing now in Syria. The Kosovo war was, I believe, seen as both an effective way to get Monica Lewinsky out of the news media, and as an olive branch to the Muslim world. I think Kosovo was supposed to say, “Check it out dudes! Lookit! We can be fair. We fought for your side this time.” That olive branch backfired, convincing Al Qaeda instead that the USA was contemptibly stupid, which is the usual fate of appeasement efforts. Appeasers reap contempt, not respect – not when dealing with religious fanatics ideologues dedicated to conquering the world for Allah.

Perhaps it wasn’t meant to extend fairness to Muslim causes. Perhaps it was all Monica. But either way, is it any wonder Al Qaeda went for it on 9-11?

So the fact that the Free Syrian Army is backed by Muslim Brotherhood money, and the UN has officially designated parts of FSA as Al Qaeda makes the parallel with Kosovo very strong – but not in a good way! Same ethnic/religious cleansing shit, different country. (Yeah, eating your non-Sunni enemies and raping non-Sunnis is ethnic cleansing dude.) That’s what Al Qaeda/Taliban/Muslim Brotherhood do when they are able[1, 2, 3]. It is the Muslim Brotherhood’s code. The Muslim Brotherhood is more violent, more bigoted, than the Ku Klux Klan. The first Grand Wizard of the Klan tried to disband the group when it got too violent. Really. Those guys in the Muslim Brotherhood are worse than the KKK.

So while this administration is using Kosovo’s mythology to justify intervention in Syria, The real lessons of Kosovo should give us serious pause. Kosovo was trumped up horseshit, just like Iraq was. The only war we’ve made with proper grounds since Korea is Afghanistan. 

We backed the same fucks in Kosovo that we intend to back in Syria. The same fucks who attacked us on 9-11.

Fuck us, but we are fucking stupid. Holy shit, but if this doesn’t prove that journalism is the refuge of the fucking idiots who can’t make it anywhere else, I don’t know what does.

The story is in here! I just know it! I majored in journalism!