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So, finally, the US administration says that the IDF got intercepts from Syria that make the case the Syrian military launched the Sarin gas attack. It seems my suspicions about rebel use of chemical weapons were wrong. Sometimes when something smells wrong, it’s still what it seems.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Just your host-analyst’s girlfriend, super-girl, saying “I told you so!”

But I am curious why it took so long to say that. Perhaps the SIGINT was being verified by analysts here? Maybe so. We don’t have that many Arabic specialists, and Arabic SIGINT specialists are probably rarer. However, the administration was totally sure of itself at the beginning of the week. So that would indicate that they had at least heard of the SIGINT, and trusted it. Maybe so.

It is possible that Israel’s SIGINT is cooked. Israel was damn sure right away – which could be an indicator that Israel was part of the attack plan. Not going to dignify certain odious sources of that thread by linking to them, but there is a logic to the balkanization plan. I will, however, note that Israel’s is a modern SIGINT system, streamlined by daily use and necessity – so it can be expected to work rapidly. Occam’s razor says this SIGINT from Israel is probably correct. So that is how I will proceed until I get information suggesting otherwise. It still makes no sense, but yeah, governments in war do shit that makes no sense.

The tinfoil hat monster, which is where one ends up when defending something based on wild speculation and nonsense. (e.g. I’m dumping “The Rebels Did It” until actual evidence comes in. Raising questions is one thing. Assault by dingbattery is another.)

That does not, however, change anything else that we have unquestionable knowledge of. We know that the rebels are trans-national Muslim Brotherhood jihadists. We know that they have been gleeful cannibals and have Muslim Brotherhood fatwa saying cannibalism’s ok. We know that they have been raping non-Sunni girls and women, with Christians singled out for special attention, and that they have Muslim brotherhood fatwa saying rape is blessed action.

Such a find! Cannibal and suggestive of rape – all in one! Go Barney!

We still have to answer the question of why we would go in on the side of the trans-national terrorists who pulled off 9-11. (Please. Don’t bother me with horseshit about how the Muslim Brotherhood is not Al Qaeda, and blah fucking blah.)

Yes, I believe that Israel wants us to do their dirty work for them, and turn Syria into a failed state that breaks up into several countries. But that does not mean that the USA has a national interest in that. Nor does it mean that we should fight for Al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood on the ground after fighting them in Afghanistan for years. Nor does that mean that we should help out a bunch of religious bigot Sunnis (that’s the best of the lot in Syria – I mean the native born Sunni fighters) in their quest to take power so they can stomp on everyone else they way they do in every other nation they run. Yes, I get it – Sunnis in Syria want their birthright back. (And I don’t give a damn.)

Fuck me, but this changes nothing really. It’s still fucking insane to send the military into Syria.

Yeah, fuck me too, sky!