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The Utah NSA datacenter is supposed to “be fully operational” … This month! It’s September!

And heeeeere’s Snowden!  Brought to you by…! Ba-dump. Hmm.  The fella has been notable by his absence lately, hasn’t he? But, the NSA materials do keep dribbling out. So be of bad cheer!  (Whether you cheer or fear.)


The NSA budget is now $10 billion a year, out of a combined intelligence agency budget of $75 billion a year. That’s up from $44 billion total in 2005. What could we have done with $31 billion a year for 7 years? We could have put settlers on Mars. Settling Mars, based on return on investment to the nation for Apollo, would generate 8 times what is spent on it.   We could be $1.5 trillion richer today! “Howdy-hoooooooo!”

Yes, dear. I recognize the utility of NSA SIGINT snooping into ever’thang to get terrorists. And I do recognize the utility of LOVEINT at determining the truthfulness of lying little be-yatches and lyin’, cheatin’, fellas. I have long counseled young women with one word: SNOOP! The time to find out if your lyin’, cheatin’, bastard husband is a sociopath with a yen for strangling pretty girls to death – that’s before y’all marry his lyin’ ass.  Same goes fer the fellas ’bout their ho girlfriends.

I do recognize this. But – I have to ask – is this the best use of our money?

My answer is – NO. We should be funding that after we fund settlement of Mars and the asteroids. Yeah, yeah! For all you who think that’s a waste of money, and the money should be spent on direct aid to the poor – the poor got more from the (real) trickle down from funding Apollo than the poor ever got from direct support. Why?

Because of how the money multiplier works. Quantitative Easing (QE) is when the Federal Reserve loosens up on lending. But as we see, since lending is demand driven, and limited by the willingness of the (usually rather stupid) people who decide if a loan should be given out, not a lot happens. (Yes, QE is better than nothing, but it’s not enough.)

On the other hand, when government spends money on ventures that create excellent jobs and open up new resources, A huge amount of lending is stimulated. It is all centered around that core, the seed that reliable government spending creates.