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The Sarin (probable) death toll in Syria is approximately 1% of the total. Those who died of Sarin had little pain and suffering compared to most methods. But obviously, it is so superior to be hacked into chunks, shot to pieces, blown to bits, or burned to death, that the USA must get on its high horse and charge to the rescue because people die of anything else! (An exercise for my readers. Come up with an argument for why chemical and biological weapons should be the only ones allowed, and all the other methods of war should be outlawed. Start with almost no damage to buildings.)

Easier to get on that horse than to get off kids!

Don’t envy John Kerry his dog and slaughter show“This is not the time to be spectators to slaughter”  quoth the Kerry.  Aha! Since now isn’t the time, that implies some other time is. Which is correct, unfortunately.  Facts, John, facts.
Rwanda[1] around a million people were hacked to pieces with machetes and burned to death in buildings. Congo millions died [2].

See how a good cartoon justifies not giving a crap? It’s called – propaganda! 

In Liberia boys as young as 6 killed and ate each other [3]. (And today we watch while Liberians are ground up by poverty.)  Croats slaughtered Serbs, Serbs slaughtered Croats and Bosnians[4].

In South Sudan Arabs and other Islamists attempted to exterminate the Nuba people[5]. In Cambodia Pol Pot slaughtered millions[6]. 

Liberian mass grave. So like the Cambodian mass grave! 

“Neither our country nor our conscience can afford the cost of silence.” – John Kerry.  Oh, yeah? What’s it gonna cost us? Our conscience? You’ve got to be kidding John. Syria ain’t nothin’ compared to all those other places where we said, “Ho-fucking-hum, dude. Ho-fucking-hum.” Syria isn’t even a proper killing field – I mean, get real John! Yeah, I know. This doesn’t just sound harsh, this is harsh. Way, way, way, harsh. But it’s also reality. So bite it. 

“the world is watching” – John Kerry. Yes, John. They so are watching. Not lifting a finger. Just watching. So bite it. Yep, even the Arabs who are so eager to see us take out Assad! They are… ba-dump! Sitting on their fat asses.

“Iran, North Korea and the terror group Hezbollah are paying attention” – John Kerry.  Yeah. Like Iran gives a shit. Iran has so listened to other things Obama and Secretary of State said. North Korea? Oh, pull your head out of your ass John! North Korea listens to us? This will make one bit of difference to NK? Hezbollah?

Oh, yeah I forgot! “the use of force is only legal when a country is acting in self-defense or with the approval of the U.N. Security Council” – Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General. Oh, fuck him! Who cares about legal when nations that disagree with us are on the National Security Council? The U.N. was our fucking idea! Fuck them if they don’t obey us! (Yes, that’s sarcasm – but accurate sarcasm.)

So what the fuck is different here in Syria?! Hey! No blackies and no slant-eyes! Alright, so Americans are racist motherfuckers when it comes down to it. What else is new? I don’t buy that entirely though, cuz Yugoslavia is all, well, slavs – white – and nothing happened for ten years. But it’s a qualifier! I have no doubt you can gas all the Asians and (black) Africans you like and the White House won’t give a ratfuck about no ratfucked non-whites! Fuck us, but we’re consistent!

What else is different? Damn. There’s only one thing. Our president and state department has been shaking fingers at Assad for a while. So that means that we are going to war in Syria over – fucking rhetoric?! 

I’ll say it again! It is fucking insane to enter Syria’s civil war on the side of the trans-national terrorist islamist jihad fucks who took out the World Trade Center. It is wack-nut fucking crazy to support the side that has fatwas giving them license to rape (and if they feel like it, eat) non-Sunnis.

Fuck off. Let France bomb Syria.