American politicians are all diarrhea of the ever’thang over Putin’s op-ed.

 I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. – Loveyness, Vlad (Pooty-poot) Putin.

So Russia’s president took exception to American exceptionalism. No! Say it ain’t so! And on 9-11 no less! What is wrong with him? He must be trolling the internet  like a fat guy in his underwear who can’t get a date. Woe, woe, wounded are we! Oh, for Christ’s sake zip it you goddamn numbskulls! 

The White House didn’t have its head totally up it’s ass! Rare, I know. Astrology 9/11/2013 says Mars conjunct Saturn, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Sun conjunct Pluto! Must be why.

Guess what? A whole lot of this f#@%ing world thinks American exceptionalism is a crock of shit. Imagine that. People in other countries think something besides, “Glorious USA!” when we invade, bomb, supply weapons to insurgents, or what-ever else. I know it’s hard to grasp, we Americans being the provincial, uninformed bumpkins that we are. Can’t miss CSI/Big Bang Theory/White Collar/NCIS/America’s Got Talent/The Voice/Biggest Loser/Naked & Afraid/etc. etc.

So, we the people of this fair nation are served horseshit rebuttals like the Wa-Po piece of shit, and told that shit is bread. Wa Po calls it, ta-da! Vladimir Putins NYT op-ed annotated and fact checked. Goes to show that Max Fisher’s Master of Shit degree from John’s Hopkins is worthless toilet paper, because there’s not a single fact in it! It’s pure opinion. Here are the lies and ignorance from Washington Post, courtesy of its John’s Hopkins anointed jackass, Max Fisher :

“Russia has certainly espoused dialogue and a compromise plan, but it has acted instead to stop that from happening, refusing to wield its considerable power to bring this about.”  Nah. Russia has been pushing for an international conference from the very start. It has gotten the Assad regime to agree to attend. The problem has been the West’s inability or unwillingness to get the rebels to do so. Geneva II is the best example.

“Putin’s Russia launched a war against Georgia just five short years ago.”
My old stomping grounds. Georgia attacked Russian positions in Georgia at Tskhinvali. That line was established in 2004 under media cover of the Beslan massacre when Russia rolled tanks south into Georgia until they were stopped by Georgian army at Tskhinvali. It is my belief that advisers in Saakishvili’s cabinet told him to strike – that the USA would back him. Those advisers worked for the Kremlin. Kremlin did that right after John McCain appointed the man who was lobbyist for Georgia on Capitol Hill as his SecDef. Kremlin thought McCain intended an October surprise – starting a war in Georgia to swing the election. I think Kremlin was right about that. (It is true that Putin should back out of Georgia. But South Ossetians don’t want him to. And we haven’t backed out of Guantanamo yet have we?)

“Putin has also been supplying Assad with heavy weapons.”  
Putin has supplied anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, not small arms, tanks and artillery usable in a civil war[2]. Syria received massive amounts of weaponry from the Soviet Union and then Russia in the 1990s – all before Putin’s time. So, while technically true, it’s the worst kind of lie. Incidentally, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and the other ME countries have received huge quantities of arms (of the sort used in civil war) from the U.S. during this same time. And Saudis have supplied the anti-Assad forces. 

Max Fisher – It’s hard to miss, though, that this [weapons deal on Syria] appears to strongly contradict Putin’s claim that rebels were responsible for the chemical weapons attack. Oh, f*@k off imbecile – no it doesn’t, except in your pea-brain[3].  Example: If I say, “I’ll hand over my pot (don’t have any, but lots of people do) so I won’t get arrested – does that prove I was selling it? Note, pea-brain, that if Assad isn’t using his Sarin, then negotiating it away to stop an attack is a great idea. And Putin already said he thinks the rebels did it, nitwit. 

Max Fisher – There is very little reason to believe that rebels carried out the attack but strong circumstantial evidence that chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime. Oh, really, dumbkopf? Please note that the evidence is circumstantial. A false-flag attack would depend on what? Setting up circumstantial evidence. Note that the US press is ignoring all reports that rebels did it! (1, 2, 3) And why is it that it’s the White House that is cobbling together intelligence assessments – not DIA or CIA? All by itself, that should make you sit up and say, “WTF?” But more about that – I’m doing a rare two-post day. 


1. Forgive me for the link, but not everybody knows who the hell Steve Krakauer is. I’ll bet he’s a good buddy of Max (AKA Maxi-hogwash).

2. Our State Department doesn’t like Russia sending anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles to Syria (even though we have sent huge tonnage of them to other Middle-Eastern nations). Why? Because those weapons are a threat to the USA intervening – and that’s what’s really going down in Syria. 

3. Of course, Max Fisher, we both know that it’s very unlikely you wrote that horseshit about that Putin’s Syria weapons deal because you believed it. You wrote it because you’re a sellout who knows which side of his bread is buttered. And you toe the propaganda line – don’t you Mr. Fisher?