The result of this shutdown, should it extend past the “debt ceiling” date of October 17th, is shattering of the the global economy. And that is “unthinkable” so it can’t happen.

Here is the problem with thinking that is unthinkable.  It isn’t. That is exactly what this lunatic fringe wants.

That lunatic fringe represented by Cruz, Paul, and the rest, truly believes that ‘the gummint’ is the problem. These are the same people who believe that ‘the gummint’ should, “drown in a bathtub” because it runs out of money.

They want to achieve it by saddling the US government with debt, cutting taxes, and refusing to allow new debt. That is exactly the plan that the Republican party has followed since George Bush I left office and Newt Gingrich headed the House. Through the administration of GW Bush I, the Republicans, even Reagan, were responsible, not anti-tax nutcases. That was what motivated the first shutdown under Newt (Sociopath) Gingrich. That plan, of cut taxes and spend like a crack-addict, is what GW Bush did during his term in office.

These people believe that the Federal Reserve is the root of all evil that has made them poor by taking away their gold standard. They think the economy as a whole, and the finances of a nation are exactly like a household’s budget. These people believe that such financial armageddon scenarios are a good thing.

This is not a game. This is very serious.  They are extremely dangerous demagogues. They are absolutely wrong, don’t care that they are, and because of their incompetent idiocy, they yell and scream the loudest.

Their political base is racist, angry at loss of racial privilege, angry at being poor and seeing their inferiors (any black, or brown person) doing well. The base is scared, fundamentalist, anti-science, anti-evolution, and dumb-as-a-f*@king-rock stupid.

The politicians riding this mass of rock-ignorant stupidity, are very close to those who rode the fundamentalist crazies into power in Pakistan. For the pols, power is their game. Reality is something they just don’t believe in.

Every nation, from time to time, is confronted by such demagogues. They seek power using some rabid fraction of the population. This is America’s time. We are outside the cave of the wolf.

Reason does not work now. They don’t care about reason. They like the idea of destabilizing the world. Don’t kid yourself. The men who rode it early were less craven, but such things circle the drain closer and closer until only the worst of men are left. When such rasputins as Karl Rove tries to dismount and turn the creature he has awakened from its ravening course, we are very close to nightfall.

You doubt me. I know you do. You who read this have not seen governments that have fallen, nor lived where all was broken, nor studied how monsters rise to power. You read WWII histories and think it is all so very far away. But it is not. This is how it starts. A lever is pulled that brings everything tumbling down.