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Malala is a very sweet girl, kind, intelligent, and dedicated to trying to make the world understand that we should all live together in harmony. She’s right about the drone war in Pakistan radicalizing people – to some extent.

But this is also a girl in massive denial. The people she is wanting the USA to stop shooting at, shot her.  And those people will kill her if they possibly can. She is a sweetheart, not everyone responds to reason. It’s just how the world is.

Ah, yes, the drone war. In 2009 the Taliban had a front, moving fast toward Islamabad, just 90 miles way. It was just before this that the Pakistani government asked the American government to increase drone strikes on the Taliban.

It was convenient for Pakistan’s government that the USA was willing to crank up the drone strikes. If not, the Pakistani government would have had to end the lie that it likes and respects the Islamist tiger that two generals have ridden to power. It would have been better, perhaps, to leave them in that corner – except – the distinct possibility exists that the Islamists would have won. Trust me on this, Pakistan’s generals did not ask the United States to throw drones at their enemies as their first choice. They almost waited too long to do it.

But why should we care about that? Let Pakistan’s generals roast on their own spit. After all – they nurtured the Taliban. They still pretend to love the Islamist monster. Poetic justice, no?

Unfortunately, what the Taliban/Al Qaeda were after in taking over Pakistan was that nation’s nuclear weapons. Supposedly Musharraf made sure they were deactivated before leaving office. Supposedly that deactivation was permanent. To that, I say, maybe. But that which has been taken apart could be put back together again with the resources of a nation. And the biggest stumbling block in building nuclear weapons is the enrichment of uranium. If that bomb-grade material is still around, they can be built again.

So, Malala my dear, this matter is much more complicated than your teenage mind understands. The drone war may well be all that stands between a Pakistan that has some resemblance in places to democracy that upholds basic rights. If the drone war failed, Malala, the nation would belong to the men who shot you.