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I think GoogleGlass is a stepping stone to GoogleContacts.

Google has unveiled a glucose sensor contact lens.  I worked with glucose detection 10 years ago. I filed for a patent for a glucose detection system based on a lens that changes optical properties in response to glucose. In my system, a lens-reader could look through the eyelid while the person was asleep – and periodically throughout the day.

It turns out that the period of sleep is a big problem for diabetics. It’s when blood sugar can drop dangerously, doing damage. Being able to monitor blood sugar during sleep is important, and not something any system does now.

The optical lens approach I decided on is cheap as dirt to make. It is easy to apply to any lens. This expensive, chip-in-a-lens lens is not terribly practical, because a person with diabetes can’t afford to have the lens fail, and it has to be a non-permeable lens, which limits the wear period.

But – I think the real reason Google is going this direction is to get experience making display contact lenses while also doing something that could be good. Display contact lenses were prototyped – about 17 years ago. There was a writeup in EE News.

Display lenses are more Google’s upscale mass market target – GoogleGlass.