The USA decided to push for NATO taking Ukraine with predictable Russian reaction. Somehow, in the USA’s media, the revolutionary coup army in Kiev is legitimate because the democratically elected president fled Ukraine. And the democratically elected secession of Crimea is illegitimate. Dude. That’s fucking insane. That’s horseshit straight out of Goebbels playbook. I’m appalled and astonished that Western media is parroting “Putin bad dictator” en masse. Sorry – I call them like I see them. Deal with it.

The USA forced Snowden to stay in Russia where we can’t touch him – unless he decides on his own to come home so he can go to prison. Our media and State Department (Kerry) spewed the immortal line, “Do the right thing.” Really. To Putin. Kerry, you fucking idiot, Putin did the right thing. For his team – no matter how you slice it.

Practical consequences for the USA.

  • Transportation to the International Space Station is compromised.
  • China and Russia have signed on to dump the dollar in oil transactions.
  • The world thinks we are idiots.
  • The world enjoys watching Uncle Sam with his pants pulled down to his ankles by Snowden.

Practical consequences for Russia

  • A few oligarchs can’t travel to the USA. Hey! Let’s push them into Putin’s arms! That will fix things! Not that doing so is a horrible idea for truth and justice. Those assholes did not come by their billions honestly.
  • Russia gets rid of any need to buy US dollars.
You what?

You what?