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Calico, Google’s “Let’s defeat age!” company, is hiring. Dancing Snoopy Cartoon Vector-500x500

Applicants must have an M.D. and/or a Ph.D., and must show evidence of an outstanding, independent research record with international recognition in their specialized area. We invite applications from preeminent scientists who have run renowned, independent labs in either academia or industry. Applicants should have a notable publication record in top-tier journals.

Sergei Brin didn’t finish grad school. Neither did Larry Page, although, unlike Facebook’s founder, and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, they did finish their undergraduate degrees.

Sure, in biosciences, education matters. But at least as important in academia is intellectual theft, backstabbing, and driving some of the best people out. In fact, the closer you get to medicine, the nastier it is in academia. I know this first hand. I became very suspicious by the time I was done with grad school when someone advanced quickly, got accolades, etc. Some were deserved. More than a few were not deserved in the least.

Perhaps it is because Page and Brin came out of Stanford’s grad school that they have this idea that real innovation and really getting there in aging is going to come out of trying to hire a paper-qualified people.

I don’t think it will.