Let’s review facts. A revolutionary “Ukrainian” ethnic gang based in Kiev drove the democratically elected president out of the country. This precipitated the partition of the country we call Ukraine. The east called on Russia for help. Russia’s army intervened in Crimea, held a plebiscite, which was overwhelmingly approved. The Ukrainian forces were removed without bloodshed. The revolutionary government in Kiev which US mainstream media insist on calling “the legitimate government of Ukraine” then attacked the East. That unelected government recently declared the Nazi collaborators in WWII to be the only true heroes of WWII and banned the display of anything else. Given rope, the fascist revolutionaries of Kiev are showing their true colors.

So: USA media portrays the fascist junta rebels in Kiev as the “good guys” who are legitimate. While USA media portrays those who have only defended themselves against them as the “rebels” allied with “bad Russia” who are tearing apart the country. That is Alice-in-Wonderland, through the looking glass nonsense. It is repeated by every media outlet, and by every talking head on TV in the USA.

Ethno-linguistic map of Ukraine.

Ethno-linguistic map of Ukraine.

Since those initial attacks by the Kiev revolutionaries, the Kiev army has conducted attacks directed at civilians. (1, 2, 3, 4 )  In videos I have seen, it appears that  targeting of civilians is probably deliberate policy. It makes sense. Just look at the map showing the region of this civil war. In that part of the world, if you can drive out a different ethnic group, then you own it. It’s not just White Power racism, it’s anybody who doesn’t look exactly like us, and agree with us completely, White Power racism. It’s as if California was shelling LA and San Diego. horseshit

Civil war shown in black. Outline of California for comparison,

Civil war shown in black. Outline of California for comparison.

Killed in Ukraine by Kiev's Army shelling civilians.

Killed in Ukraine by Kiev’s Army shelling civilians.