Having taken an interest in economics and having been a practitioner of business, I try to write as clearly as I can my understanding of events today. I think we are at a critical point in American history and also in world history. I think that a crew of racketeers has bumbled into dominance of the world’s financial system. They are more than happy to drive the world off a cliff, as long as their behinds are protected. Since their current strategy brings everyone else down except for themselves, this will continue until they are stopped.

I’ll be blunt. I look around, and my generation, the boomers, and the generation just after us, Gen X, have collectively shown themselves to be, perhaps the most selfish generation in American history. We are also, collectively, an alarmingly easy pair of generations to con. As a consequence, we have destroyed the futures of the generation coming of age today.

Knowledge. It makes a difference. I hope to be helpful that way to my readers. I appreciate real questions a lot. Nothing is too silly to ask. But I do not appreciate, nor suffer gladly, the attentions of ideologues uninterested in thinking.

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5 thoughts on “About”

  1. S. Quade said:

    On your website, why don’t the articles listed below the “about” link move (more titles appear) when the up/down directional slider is moved using the cursor? Is this list deliberabely hidden? It’s impossible to see all of what’s there.

  2. S. Quade said:


    You start out talking about a crew or racketeers who “drive the world off a cliff”, then say “the boomers, and the generation just after us, Gen X, have collectively shown themselves to be, perhaps the most selfish generation in American history” but instead of blaming them (boomers and x-ers) for driving the world off a cliff you give them an excuse — “an alarmingly easy pair of generations to con” — for having “destroyed the futures of the generation coming of age today”.

    Confusing to say the least. But worse, in your articles you blame “the rich” for not wanting to pay for what your generation has wrought. Perhaps it’s simply not clear to me what you mean. Perhaps you mean the boomer generation that’s been in charge now for some time ARE the rich, and you don’t understand why they don’t want to pay their fair share. If so, that’s not really very clear and if that’s what you mean I think you should say so, because if you do mean that, I believe the theme of your generation effing up everything should carry through articles discussing the same eff-ups. Really, it looks like you’re blaming everyone else except the generation that has been in control. Please be clear. It’s not necessary to beat the subject to death, but clarity whenever you mention “the rich” (if you really mean your generation — boomers) would, I think, really be helpful. Because I think you do have some very good points, but you devolve into rants about political parties when in fact the problem IS a very selfish, grasping generation who’ve been having a party for themselves, and the problem isn’t just on one side of the political aisle. Implying that it is muddies your message. You can’t have it both ways and remain credible. As is, this is just a rang.

    • Well – I will start by pointing out that this is just the “About me” blurb. It’s not intended as an essay.

      What I am referring to is that the boomer generation and the gen-xers after them have voted in leaders who have systematically cut taxes on the wealthiest of us while raising taxes on the middle class. They have been conned by a succession of leaders who blame taxes for the decline of the middle class when the exact opposite is true. Gen-x has spawned people like Grover Norquist, who followed in the footsteps of Howard Jarvis. Jarvis was not a boomer, but he conned the people into ignoring how setting property taxes artificially low was a de facto subsidy for the loan industry, and made real estate developers artificially rich. But the biggest long-term effect has been to make commercial real-estate owners rich. http://www.almanacnews.com/news/show_story.php?id=6256

      People like Norquist have expanded that onto the national stage with the effect of sticking the middle class with the costs while giving the benefits of government to the richest.

      I don’t think that calling them alarmingly easy to con is excusing them. It’s telling the story as it is. People today continue to treat the insane ravings of people like Grover seriously. The national media spend their time mostly on drivel, and don’t even try to explain how the nation is being raped by profiteers who benefit from these laws.

      The boomers are not the rich. The rich have used the boomers as their patsies, conning them into voting against their own interests – against sense, fairness and even against basic principles of national development. When you go to a third world nation, the first thing you do is get everyone educated – well educated. The USA has degenerated so far that we are now trying not to educate. We are cutting teaching, cutting access to higher education, our dropout rates are sky high.

      Meanwhile, the boomer generation and Gen-x are sitting in “I’ve got mine.” land. These two generations have screwed the generation now coming of age. They have done it because they are selfish fools.

      I will partially agree with you that it is on both sides of the political aisle. At this point, that is somewhat true. The Obama administration has been utterly spineless, supine and servile to the bankers that are still raping the world’s financial system. The Pelosi-led Democrats in Congress are equally spineless, supine and servile to their donor masters.

      But – let’s be very clear about which party has advanced the interests of the anti-tax nuts and turned that into a foundation principle for wrecking the nation. That party is the Republican Party.

      It is true that the sainted John F. Kennedy was the first to spearhead tax cuts for the rich when top marginal tax rates were 90% and up. But since then? No. The effect of the Kennedy cuts was to raise tax revenues. We got a tremendous amount out of that – virtually all of what people take for granted now as normal.

      Ronald Reagan ran on tax cuts. Both Bush presidents ran on tax cuts. The result is what you see. A raped economy and the rapists are still pillaging because this president is a spineless milquetoast and so are the rest of the progressives in office.

  3. Thanks for noticing that. It’s an artifact/feature of the WordPress template that only the right side scrolls. So if your screen isn’t big enough, you can’t see it all. I’ll see if I can fix it.

  4. Pierre Marlais said:

    Comments appear dead for 2 years though you continue to post new things. I recently discovered your blog and find it well written and interesting. I’d like to discuss MMT, UBI and digital currencies and how they might combine with a new global internet venture I’m working on with some colleagues. You don’t have a traditional contact method so I’m using this option. When you get the chance, please contact me directly. Thanks, Pierre in Phoenix, AZ

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